Business Visa

Australia has a vibrant and growing emerging economy. Its year-on-year GDP growth testifies to the growing demand for successful business migrations. As such, this visa continues to be one of the most demanded visa for overseas established successful business owners to gain permanent residency in Australia.

While this visa is complicated, it usually comes with very good success rate of approval. This simply means the applicant for this visa will usually and generally be able to meet all conditions of the visa even before applying.


2 main criteria (among many other criteria) for this visa are:

  1. Amount of money you can pledge in order to start up a new business in Australia, or simply to save in bonds/investment in Australian monetary institutions such as banks, state bonds etc. It ranges from a minimum of AUD800k up to AUD10Mio.

  2. Your commitment to continue assisting the growth of Australia's economy through investment etc. Even if the plan to start a new business is not an immediate one, it can still be used as part of the fulfillment of the condition to grant of this permanent business visa residency.


A business visa may be granted as a provisional residency and upon fulfillment of certain obligations, a permanent residency will be granted. Or an Expression of Interest (EOI) to a State where you intend to start your business with for an approval of a permanent residency by the nominated State.


Generally, 3 main streams of visa applicable for business and investor:

  • Business Skills (Talent stream)

  • Business Skills (Provisional)

  • Business Skills (Permanent)

As this is such a complex visa due to its vast requirement, we usually provide face to face interaction with our clients. If you simply are too busy attending to your business -  we can always talk over the phone.

Book a time for a confidential talk with us now. You may even begin to make profits in Australian Dollar sooner than you think.


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