Additional services include:

  • Appeal cases to Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT – Migration)

  • Revocation / Cancellation of Residency Visas

  • Bridging Visas

  • Resident Return Visas


Are you currently in a situation where you already applied for a visa, yet the decision seems unfavorable to you? Or you think you might run into issues in applying for a visa? Or simply, you foresee potential complications in your visa application process and need someone to assist? Perhaps you have recently received an impending action on your current visa, and need an urgent resolution?

Whatever the case may be, we will do our best to assist. Talk to us in total confidentiality. If we think we can assist, we will help. Otherwise, we will just be very honest to you and tell you what could potentially happen to you in your situation.

Every visa decision leads to either a positive or a negative outcome. Congratulations if it's a positive one. A negative outcome, however, may have long term consequences to your future ability to apply. For example, a visa refusal is not a mere refusal of your visa application, but may have a temporary, permanent or restricted visa period before any new visa application can be submitted.

Section 48 of the Migration Act 1958 states that a rejected applicant can only apply for a set of limited visas for a period of time. Sounds scary, right? And this is only one section of the thick migration law book that states this, there are plenty more of such equivalent citing. 

A good and experienced migration agent can prevent this from happening to you. Send us your contact details via the form below and we will reach to you for a confidential chat.


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