Parent Visa


You have a parent back home. You want to bring them over to stay and live with you. They are getting older, and you love them very much. 

Don't despair, we may be able to help you.

Every year, hundreds of people filled their parents' lives with laughter and smiles, through the gift of a visa, enabling their parents to reunite with their children. The government of Australia approves hundreds of parent visas so families can be reunited.

The process may be complicated, but doable. Through an experienced registered migration agent, you may be able to make this improbable dream a reality. 


Classes of visa are:


  • Contributory Parent visa – higher visa fees payable in return for a fast-track processing.

  • Aged Parent / Parent visa – normal processing up to 30+ years processing time.


  • Child visa.

  • Adoption visa.

  • Orphan relative visa.


Approval of this type of visa are usually stringent due to the responsibility and commitment of the Australian government to care for the parent and child migrants. As such, one of the commonly used test would be the balance of family test score to gauge if an applicant can qualify for the visa.


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