Employment and Student Visa


Employment visas are one of the most commonly applied visa for aspiring migrants. Over the years, the Government of Australia through positive changes in the growing economy and market force has adopted and reflected indicators and advisories from industry councils in deciding optimum approval conditions for this visa.


In general, the employment visas are classified under:

  • Employer Nomination

  • Regional Sponsored

  • Skilled Employment (General Skilled Visas)

  • Temporary (Work + Holiday, Short Stay)

  • Training

  • Volunteer work


Depending on what subclass of employment visa applied for, applicants may need to undergo testing such as the English test. An employer sponsored visa must have an offer of employment (Letter of Offer) from the hiring company.

Except for General Skilled Visa, the other visas are processed and approved at a relatively fast turn-around time by the government of Australia. So to be part of this moving train, contact us to start now.

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